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Centenary Chance 2022-2023
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Important Notice
Notice : All the students must ensure that they are eligible for the special examination of centenary chance as per the guideline issued vide notification no. Acad-I/Centenary Chance/2022/558 dated 28.04.2022. The students are also required to ensure that “Examination Forms” are filled in accordance with the university rules. The student shall be responsible for any discrepancy/deviation for the same.
Notice : Examination Form of the student shall be forwarded by concerned College / Department / Faculty to Examination Wing, University of Delhi, after verification of administrative clearance, and deposition of examination fee by the students.
DU Notifications
[1] Acad-I/Centenary Chance/2022/558 dated 24.04.2022
[2] Exam.VII/2022/33 dated 01.05.2022
[3] Exam.VII/2022/41 dated 14.06.2022
[4] Exam.VII/2022/49 dated 08.07.2022
[5] Exam.VII/2022/02 dated 29.09.2022
(In case of any problem please contact to the office of your college/department.)
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